Sunday, September 15, 2019

Jackpiner 1997 KTM 200EXC - a limited edition Jack Penton tribute

                                          With Jack Penton
In 1997 to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the first Penton motorcycle sold, KTM released a limited-production dirt bike called the Jackpiner, named for the 175 Penton that housed the first full-size motor that KTM built. There were 133 of them sold, and all were numbered and had a sticker on the front fender with John Penton’s signature.
But, the significance of that 1997 motorcycle goes far beyond its short production run. It marked the beginning of a KTM dynasty that continues to this day. It was the first 200 that KTM built. The 200 would go on to be KTM’s biggest-selling model in later years. Beyond that, the Jackpiner was the first bike with PDS no-linkage rear suspension. It was also one of the very first dirt bikes with a hydraulic clutch—that’s rare today, and virtually unheard of in 1997. The Jackpiner had a number of features that other KTMs never received. It came with an Ohlins shock, and in fact it was Ohlins who originally developed the PDS system. And it was blue, just like its namesake.

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