Saturday, January 29, 2011

Bimota HB1 Honda Reproduction and cool CB750 site 'Cling on for Dear Life'

Motocicli Veloci create wonderful repros of the world's greatest bike (i.e. the HB1 - world's best non European 'European' bike, if you know what I mean... maybe world's best 70's bike is easier to say ?) Whatever - the KB2 & SB3's are cool too, but the HB1 is still the best Bimota ever made. Let me know your better suggestions for Japan engined European superbikes (Elgi anyone?).

A cool owner/fan driven site - always the best - crankin' his CB750 onto the road soon !

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  1. Have you got any documentation on the Bimota HB1 that's not on here? I have the HB-1 kit for the CB400F version. If you've seen the pictures of the kit that's in someone's basement? Those pictures were taken by me several years ago when my father was still alive. He passed away 3 years ago, but I'm going to still assemble what he was just getting ready to start when he died unexpectedly. I would appreciate anything you've got in the way of documentation on it.