Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Honda SL-100 - Ready for the "Marty Tripes 100"

My first bike was an SL-70, not big on speed, but so much torque I once dragged a 20" Dia. felled tree up a paddock hill (helping mum do a bit of landscaping age 10). Cool. The SL100 was like a superbike to me, until a friends older brother showed up on a shiny new XL125.....


  1. Hello,

    I got a brand new '72 SL-100 (green) in Spring of that year. Traded a '71 CT-70 for it. The 100 was my first full size bike. It felt huge compared to the Trail 70. I loved that SL-100. Great little off-road playbike. In '73 I got an XL-250. Superb play and trail bike. It was the best 250 dual-purpose bike at that time. In '74, I bought a lightly used '73 Yamaha RT-360 MX. Fast as Hell. Nearly 40 HP. The Yamaha was the most fun of all my off-road bikes. I so loved blasting around on it. Full throttle acceleration was addicting on the 360 MX. Your photo of the Green '72 SL-100 brings back so many wonderful memories. I had turned 14 that year. I so miss those days....


  2. Thanks for those great memories ! it was amazing how quickly the tech. changed in the '70's - 80's as off road became 'hot'. I moved up to a Suzi RM125c after the SL70, and my god the power.....
    Still love the SL's though, and a friend is restoring 2 in his shed :-)