Friday, February 22, 2013

The Kustom Kommune, Melbourne - Pozible ? I hope so..

 The Kustom Kommune will be Melbourne's first ever communal motorcycle workshop. A cool, stylish decked out community space. The Kommune will have a fully equipped DIY motorcycle workshop located close to Melbourne's CBD (surrounding suburbs, looking at space around Fitzroy / Collingwood / Bruswick) where you can hire a fully equipped work bay to work on your motorcycle project. Restorations, scratch builds, custom projects or general maintenance, no project is too big or small. The Kommune will be a community of like minded motorcycle enthusiasts learning from one another and building friendships. 
 Here's where to get in on the ground floor of this fantastic project:
 If you're in Melbourne, get on board and let's make this a unique space to work on bikes, listen to music and have good coffee / beer / food.
Behind the scenes of the Kustom Kommune you’ll find Jimmy Goode and Geoff “Richie” Baldwin, two of Melbourne’s most obsessive supporters of the custom motorcycle scene. In 2012 they hosted the first ever ‘Oil Stained Brain’ exhibition, which introduced the general public to some of Melbourne’s best backyard custom bike builders. Oil Stained Brain was the first exhibition of its kind in Australia to celebrate the art form of custom motorcycle building and the lifestyle that surrounds it. More art exhibit than bike show, Oil Stained Brain had a strong focus on forming connections between builders and showing the public just how creative and unique these rolling works of art can be. 

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