Friday, January 30, 2009

I heart green chilli sauce.....

MD Green Chille Sauce (that's how they spell it on the bottle) is from Sri Lanka, and well worth looking for if you find yourself in an Indian supermarket. It consists of rough chopped hot green chillies with a hint of tamarind - yum.
It is a wonderful variation in a pasta Puttanesca, and makes the best chilli cheese toast ever !
Also, for brilliant relishes/pickles/jams of a spicy nature, here's a great Local (Aussie) wholesaler of Goan (Sth. Indian) style produce, with a list of shops that stock their stuff:
The green chilli jam is fantastic, and they make eggplant Kasoundi, which is the best relish i've ever tasted with roast lamb (but that's just me).

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