Thursday, January 1, 2009

Vicious Cycles CB160 racing gems.

Vicious Cycle are a big driving force behind the wonderful new racing class in the U.S. for CB160's. This looks set to grow really fast, so buy one while you can.

from their website:
"Vicious Cycle is at the epicenter of the CB-160 racing phenomenon in the Pacific Northwest. We are the primary parts source for your performance CB160 or CB175 racer. We've been building race bikes since the beginning of this craze and have sourced specialty parts and manufactured our own along the way. Vicious Cycle knows the CB-160 (along with the vertical and sloper CB-175's) inside and out. "


  1. I read an article about 160's awhile back and heard that they are a blast to ride and race... and cheap. Im thinking of picking one up even though I dont think there is a vintage scene in my area, Guess we'll see what happens.
    Any way these bikes are beautiful.

  2. Where they[vc] at now? No new website info.