Sunday, July 24, 2011

Smallsun Royal Enfield - Online store coming soon !

After years of research & restoration I've finally landed my first Enfield shipment. These bikes are completely restored, new Alloy 500cc heads, 4 or 5 speed gearbox and options galore. Prices are very reasonable (thanks to the strong AUD$), and the website should be up and running next week. Here are a few pics from the first photo shoot:

Please let me know what you think ! Planning a rigid frame model for the next shipment...
more pics @ Smallsun Vintage blog:


  1. Wow ! Where do the tanks come from ? Is the Cafe style tank seat combo for sale separately ? Love it !

  2. Hi Douggie,
    the bikes are professionally restored from the ground up in India and shipped complete. I'm negotiating a range of tanks to sell as well, and this unit would be about Aud$450. The seat is a one off (the cowl is handmade from alloy) and unsure of individual price.

  3. Wow, nice bike right there...Sometimes, I really have to refer to shop online coz’ it save more money and offers low prices. And it also effortless coz’ you don’t have to walk store by store to buy items you want.