Friday, September 14, 2018

Nice little Japan only Honda XL125R PARIS DAKAR on BUYEE (Japans Gumtree/ ebay)

Model Year:Mar 1983
Various parts, such as its 17L large tank, front over fender, modified in the image of the Paris Dakar bike.
Engine Type:Air-Cooled 4 Stroke/OHC 2-Valve/Single Cylinder
Engine Displacement:124cc
Max. Power Output/Rev (PS/rpm):12PS/9000rpm
Max. Torque/Rev (kg-m/rpm):1.0kg-m/7500rpm
Tire Size(Front/Rear):80/80-21·110/80-18

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Tuesday, November 14, 2017


Love these 90's style Indonesian graphics designed for scooters and Groms ...
Here's a possible link:

After a long break.... Scooters - small and fun.

After getting very jaded with the custom scene (which still has pockets of innovation and goodness, I won't deny), the vintage racer scene (CEO's only need apply), and the scene scene, I took a holiday and ended up in Scooter land. Ive always admired the scooter street and drag scene in Thailand, Indon. and Singapore, but after riding one around Bali I was hooked. Got home and added a Honda PCX125 to the shed, and love using it. That's my excuse for  piling on the Small Sun scooter mania you'll see for the next little while. x (smile).

You think you're 'badass'? These young dudes on 150's are doing 15.5's in Tshirts and runners :)

Saturday, March 11, 2017

RB Racing, Behn Monoshock & Team Wanker - prototypes and crazy dudes


A great little page about another obsessive bunch of innovators with a self deprecating sense of humour !

Ducati TT2 for sale on Ebay

Here is your chance to own a Ducati TT2. Last raced in the late 90's by Tony Jaksic in Post Classic Racing in Australia. I was going to restore this but I have moved to another state and no longer have the room. Runs a 500 cases but not sure whats been done internally, it was a very competitive bike in its days. Some may remember the bike, feel free to message me. All the usual tt bits. It will need a bit of work, not much to get it back up and running, needs battery tray and a front fairing bracket (one on the bike looks home made) and a breather box. Runs a total loss. All brakes still work. I have not have the bike running but won't take much effort to get it running again. The frame is a Verlicchi frame (a letter is supplied from Ian Gowanloch from the 90s). A replica and not a factory racer but set up properly. Comes with a spare exhaust header. I'm hoping to bring it at the Festival of Speed in Eastern Creek depending if I can get transport.


Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Not one but two Suzuki 1986 GSXR1100 on eBay in Southern Victoria - ripe for resto !

Many bidders already on this great pair of restoation Gixxers.. here's the ebay link if you want the detail:
Suzuki GSXR1100

Sunday, November 20, 2016

1994 KX250 Hot Wheels Splitfire Body Panels (engine shrouds) on Ebay - the future was here !

Acerbis and UFO both made these in the mid 90's. Engine shrouds (or 'billboards' as they were called) did wonders for.... not much really. I can find a few old ads for them but were rarely used professionally. Here's a set on Ebay !
ebay link
 Here's a green set of UFO's that went for fifty bucks on VitalMX

I think i prefer the previous year's cleaner lines mysself... and besides, I don't think those shrouds will fit my Combat Wombat.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Team Jean Stalaven Dakar, 1990 - Husqvarna 510's

 In 1990 Team Jean Stalaven decided to choose light weight over power for their entry into the Dakar. The choice fell on the single-cylinder engine Husqvarna 510, bored out to 570 cc.
The shell, designed by Michel Assis, However was revolutionary - It was made up of two parts welded together in order to stiffen the whole structure keeping it extremely slim and racy, unusual aesthetics against the mastodons of the era. Result of the whole operation, an engine with around sixty horses for 130 kg dry weight, and 185 kg fully loaded: against the 250 kg of twins. A power-to-weight ratio definitely interesting on paper. Unfortunately none of the three riders finished the race - Michel Merel, Laurent Charbonnel and Luc Pagnon all DNF'd.