Friday, January 30, 2009

I heart green chilli sauce.....

MD Green Chille Sauce (that's how they spell it on the bottle) is from Sri Lanka, and well worth looking for if you find yourself in an Indian supermarket. It consists of rough chopped hot green chillies with a hint of tamarind - yum.
It is a wonderful variation in a pasta Puttanesca, and makes the best chilli cheese toast ever !
Also, for brilliant relishes/pickles/jams of a spicy nature, here's a great Local (Aussie) wholesaler of Goan (Sth. Indian) style produce, with a list of shops that stock their stuff:
The green chilli jam is fantastic, and they make eggplant Kasoundi, which is the best relish i've ever tasted with roast lamb (but that's just me).

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Clean Flat tracker style

I know there are many wonderful Yamaha flattrackers out there of all sizes (most paying homage to Kenny the Great), but here's a couple of new takes on the theme:

I love the clean lines of this 450

Ready for action, and looking the business (except for the sidesaddle pillion chair attached to the rear mudguard).

The Honda version - be still my beating heart.... I think I have a new project.

Let's look at it again......aaaahh

little red speedblock, and classic Kenny colours.

While we're on CL72 scramblers.....

lovely CCM style tank & setup.

what is this trend for cafe seats on scramblers ?

Honda retro scramblers - Japanese Customs

This was the piccie that first piqued my interest, and was from a 2001 Japanese bike mag simply called "Wind" (I think). I stupidly threw the mag out, keeping only a few choice pages.

CB250 commando style scambler
CB72 metalflake retro scrambler / flattracker with a cafe seat and hardtail ?? go figure.

More TR's - cafe & enduro

further proof of the customisability of these great little bikes ( see older posts for more). This was ripped out of a greek magazine, so I cannot tell you where the work was done.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Classic Suzuki and Willie Hardin

The U.S. spec. 1969 Suzuki stroker line-up. Wonderful colour schemes and graphics.

Hustler 250

Rebel 350

Titan 500 (loved by post-classic racers the world over)

Don Green's TR500 Flat tracker - this would carve up our local golf course admirably.

William (Willie) Hardin and crew testing Suzi's in the U.S. (some place called Big Bear).
Willie worked for Suzuki U.S.A from 69-74, raced his arse off, and has an amazing collection of nostalgic photos here:
He still loves touring with his old racing pals. Respect, Willie.

Willie Hardin - ALL style - love the leathers, the bikes, the wagon and the Airforce blue factory van .
Here he is again in his ace leathers tooling around on a Titan. Very cool the 'Orange County' drag lights in the background. Let 'er rip, Willie !

Thursday, January 1, 2009

A well prepped CB350 from Vicious Cycle. Portland OR

Vicious Cycles CB160 racing gems.

Vicious Cycle are a big driving force behind the wonderful new racing class in the U.S. for CB160's. This looks set to grow really fast, so buy one while you can.

from their website:
"Vicious Cycle is at the epicenter of the CB-160 racing phenomenon in the Pacific Northwest. We are the primary parts source for your performance CB160 or CB175 racer. We've been building race bikes since the beginning of this craze and have sourced specialty parts and manufactured our own along the way. Vicious Cycle knows the CB-160 (along with the vertical and sloper CB-175's) inside and out. "