Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Very retro Kawasaki 250TR

Wonderful retro Japan (and Europe?) issue road/trail 250. Must keep an eye out for a grey import - so much you can do with these (see Heiwa custom version below).

HEIWA custom Kawasaki 250TR

Fine details are the hallmark of HEIWA (see more Heiwa customs below). Handmade pipe (with no muffler - loud and illegal, but nice).

same with original pipe.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Esso Gunnarsson & friends !

with thanks to: http://www.pejer.com/
(hundreds of great pics of 'Esso' in both grand prix, I.O.M., Le Mans & rally)

Monday, December 22, 2008

A playful (but unworkable) re-design study of the old German 'Hercules' Wankel engined bike of the early '70's....can't remember where I found this, or why I like it.

Another beautifully finished yet understated gem (I like it) from HEIWA (see below). I once asked these guys if they sold their tank logo decals - they told me the tank lettering is all hand painted..gosh.

Fine examples from the wonderful HEIWA Click on 'custom' for a drop down menu by type.
My 1st piccie, and it's not even Japanese - I don't care, I just want to ride this old BSA Ice Speedway racer around the local golf course.

Spinning wheel

Road bikes become off road custom, off road become Super Motard, super Mo become Roland Sands style road track bikes, road track bikes go speedway...... Custom, like all fashion, is cyclical, so never throw away those old hi-risers / clip ons !

I picked up my first Japanese custom Bike mag from Kinokunya(?) in Singapore back in '01, and was blown away by the stylings of Animal Boat, Moto Radical and Crazy Orange . No more boring Fatboy Kandyflake jobbies - here were 230 cc Hondas looking like WW11 military spec BSA's, draggin' Monkey bikes and whitewall bobber stepthru's. Too much fun.

All i'm attempting to do here is scan in my old magazine images, and collected net images from over the years, and gradually put up images of my '71 CB350 street tracker i'm slowly customising. I'll also put links to my favourite cutom houses and relevant restoration forums.

thanks for looking (and posting)
Mike Scandrett