Thursday, December 24, 2015

Vintage: The Fastest Stock Dirtbike Ever Built 123.75 miles per hour on a 1981 KTM 495

" If looks determined usage, the KTM495 would go around with a machine gun mounted on the bars. Tippy toes time. Sling a leg over the 495. Or, at least, try to. With an incredible 38.7-inch saddle height, the KTM has the distinction of being the tallest bike we've ever tested. Riders in the five-foot nine-inch range will need a milk crate. Once on the bike, the suspension settles a bit, making the ground barely in reach for a five-foot eleven-inch rider. You won't find any sag in the saddle. In fact, it appears to be made of plywood. That sucker is hard! It's also slippery. Sort of feels like someone put some Armor-All on it at the factory. On the plus side, the foam never sags and the saddle retains its shape. Long time KTM riders say they like the firm feel. Long-time KTM riders have also been known to howl at the moon on occasion".
From an article written by good old Mr Rick himself in 2008 about the Husky.
( Jun. 23, 2008 By Rick Sieman)