Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Boldor Yamaha XS1100 Endurance Racer

Found this on a few different pages featuring the Sonauto sponsored bikes of the day. Here's the blurb from the XS1100 UK  forum:

Yamaha delivers the latest design from Guy Fior. A machine built according to avant-garde design for a team committed to having a motor bike this year to compete in the World Championship . The biggest difference here is the exchange of the Honda RS engine for a Yamaha 1100. Directly prepared in Japan, and provided by Yamaha Amsterdam with the assistance of Sonauto  (Conk having particular influence with the cycle parts)  This engine delivers approximately 130 hp @ 9500 rpm, and has had it's original shaft final drive system replaced with a more traditional chain.

Good fuelling is ensured by two twin-choke carburettors with horizontal bodies, manufactured by Mikuni under Solex licence. Dual ignition utilises two original electronic systems in parallel. A wet sump lubrication system is retained. However, not all is original: The clutch has a hydraulic control and the gearbox box is of racing type. The original double cradle frame has been replaced for more rigidity, the engine is suspended from the framework by its cylinder head. Side suspension, one finds the original achievements of Conk, with single Koni shock absorber and drives out adjustable by eccentric with the front one. Koni adjustable shock absorber in relaxation and compression also for the back system cantilever. In full race trim with fuel & oil on board, the Conk special tips the scales at 195 kg.

Here's the XS1100 UK forum: http://xs1100.com/forum/index.php?topic=3020.0