Saturday, March 11, 2017

Ducati TT2 for sale on Ebay

Here is your chance to own a Ducati TT2. Last raced in the late 90's by Tony Jaksic in Post Classic Racing in Australia. I was going to restore this but I have moved to another state and no longer have the room. Runs a 500 cases but not sure whats been done internally, it was a very competitive bike in its days. Some may remember the bike, feel free to message me. All the usual tt bits. It will need a bit of work, not much to get it back up and running, needs battery tray and a front fairing bracket (one on the bike looks home made) and a breather box. Runs a total loss. All brakes still work. I have not have the bike running but won't take much effort to get it running again. The frame is a Verlicchi frame (a letter is supplied from Ian Gowanloch from the 90s). A replica and not a factory racer but set up properly. Comes with a spare exhaust header. I'm hoping to bring it at the Festival of Speed in Eastern Creek depending if I can get transport.


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