Tuesday, November 14, 2017

After a long break.... Scooters - small and fun.

After getting very jaded with the custom scene (which still has pockets of innovation and goodness, I won't deny), the vintage racer scene (CEO's only need apply), and the scene scene, I took a holiday and ended up in Scooter land. Ive always admired the scooter street and drag scene in Thailand, Indon. and Singapore, but after riding one around Bali I was hooked. Got home and added a Honda PCX125 to the shed, and love using it. That's my excuse for  piling on the Small Sun scooter mania you'll see for the next little while. x (smile).

You think you're 'badass'? These young dudes on 150's are doing 15.5's in Tshirts and runners :)

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  1. Hi, do they do scooter drags anywhere in Australia?